2007- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition SILVER Category Medium Fruity

2008- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition GOLD Category Medium Fruity

2008 The Marco Zichella Award 3rd Consumers choice

2009 Extra virgin olive oil competition: Bronze - Category Boutique producer.

Standing proud on the northern slopes of the Groenberg mountain is the Foxenburg Estates certified organically grown olive groves. Aged trees of forty-five years and as young as one year are flourishing alongside the pristine Renosterveld and fynbos nature reserve of the farm.

Here the olives are handpicked with care and pressed the same day to ensure an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Our certified organic extra virgin olive oil is the natural unprocessed oil extracted from the first pressing of our olives.

Our tree varieties are Mission, Frantoio and Luccino which yield and oil with a medium fruity slight pepper flavour and is soft on the palate.

Ideal for use in the kitchen on crispy bread, salads, roast vegetables and for baking and frying.

At Foxenburg Estate we yearly commit ourselves to a small production of organic table olive processing.

We hand pick with utmost care our black mission olives. They are selected for size, quality and colour. They are processed through a natural brine fermentation method that can take a year or more for the bitterness to reduce to an acceptable level. We pack the olives in a brine solution with a dash of organic appel cider vinegar.

Table olives are a gastronomic delight. They are such a versatile fruit that can be eaten with raw food, salads or roasted with different types of vegetables and meats. Olives baked in bread, ciabattas, pizza and pies are delicious. A tapenade of olives is always popular, give our olives a try and you will not be disappointed, they have a flavour distinct to the Foxenburg Estate terroir.